Brazil 021 - Catch Wrestling

Misty Shearer is part of an elite few in North America under Mark Hatmaker and ESP

What is ESP?

ESP gathers its extensive submission vocabulary from the Western Wrestlers of yesterday. We learn from all Mediterranean basin wrestling styles, Russian folk wrestling, Sambo, Pankratium, and of course English All-In wrestling and Catch-as-Catch Can.

ESP also uses Western Wrestling disciplines to educate the "shoot" or takedown. We utilize the lessons of Greco-Roman wrestling with their incessant upper body attack and the head-to-toe shots of the freestyle wrestler to build a "shooter" whose takedown variations number into the hundreds and do not rely on the gi, Sambo jacket, or any other non-body handle

ESP Cavats:

ESP bases its ground game in the breakdowns, rides, pinning combinations, escapes, stand-ups, and par terre disciplines of freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. By emphasizing movement and control before submission we allow submissions to occur naturally rather than merely chasing a submission.

"There can be no leadership when there is no team." ~ Jocko Willink

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Head Instructor

Misty Shearer

IBJJF 3rd Degree Black Belt

Founder and Head Instructor - Brazil 021 Edmonton Military Combat Engineer & Diver (ret'd), EMS Tactical Paramedic (ret'd)


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Men and Women
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